Paper Edge Protector

Paper Edge Protector                                                                                                                                If you are shipping standardized package sizes, you can take advantage of our pre-cut edge protector lengths. Available in a variety of standard sizes, or cut specifically to suit your products, Edge protector lengths save you time on the shipping room floor and ensure that your entire products receive adequate protection during shipment.

Paper Edge Protector Tray

Edge protector Trays are a pre-assembled square of edge board lengths that are fastened together to form a square or rectangular cap for a skid. This configuration protects the top of the package from strap damage and maintains the structural integrity of the package. Trays can be ordered in a variety of sizes to suit your product requirements.

ID & OD protectors 

ID & OD protectors are designed to prevent damage to various type and size of steel coils. Design specifically for the steel industry. This product protects steel coils from potential damage against steel strapping, handling equipment and lifting equipment like hoist and chains. These product are supplied in individual lengths that are available in standard and customs lengths, widths and thickness.